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The jobs you want, when you want

The jobs you want, when you want

StaffMe offers you flexible and well-paid jobs, anywhere in France, depending on your availability.
Customer Service
≈ 14,5 € / hour
Praveen (24 years old)
Accounting assistant
≈ 18 € / hour
Marica (27 years old)
≈ 14 € / hour
Ousmane (23 years old)
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Why StaffMe?

In a few words,
StaffMe offers you jobs:


All services are paid at least 14,00€/hour.

Varied and for all profiles

With or without experience, discover new fields of activity.


As a self-employed person, you can choose when you want to work and accept or not accept offers, without being penalized.

All over France

Whether you live in a small town or a big city, StaffMe will find you jobs wherever you are.
How does it work?

A fully digital solution for young freelancers

Receive daily jobs adapted to your profile

StaffMe will send you offers for services that match your availability in the areas of your choice. 

Accept a proposal in a few clicks

Choose when you want to work and accept or not the offers, without being penalized.

When you accept a job offer, you will receive a confirmation by email with all the necessary information.

Benefit from a simplifiedbilling solution

At the end of your services, you fill in a time sheet according to the hours you wish to invoice and validate it on the app or the website.

The time sheet you have filled in is then checked by your client and your invoice is automatically generated. Your invoice is paid within 30 days.
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How to register?

Become a Staffer in a few clicks


Create your profile on the app or on the website

Complete the registration form by clicking on the 'I'm registering' button or download the StaffMe mobile application.


Set your conditions and validate your status

Choose your types of services, indicate your availability and validate your auto-entrepreneur status. If you don't have it yet, you can create it online in a few minutes. 

Have your welcome interview

Before you become a staffer, you will have an online video interview to introduce yourself and learn more about the platform.

Start working

Once your registration is validated, as a Staffer you will receive offers adapted to your availability and your preferences!
All types of missions

Whatever your experience, discover dozens of different fields

Creation and Digital

≈ 20 € / hour
This category gathers all the services related to digital and creation: photo, video, graphic design, translation...
Our services :
Photography & Video
Community Management
Web development
Writing articles
Computer maintenance

Customer Relations

≈ 15 € / hour
The customer relationship concerns all the services related to the customer.
You are the privileged interlocutor of the customer at all stages: before the sale, during and for all the management of the after-sales service.
Our services :
Commercial prospecting
Customer Support

Administrative & Business

≈ 18 € / hour
This category mainly includes office services, which often require specific skills: accounting, market research, HR assistance, etc.
Our services :
Accounting assistant
HR Assistance
Data entry
Administrative assistance
Home / Secretariat
Consulting for companies

Hotels & Restaurants

≈ 14,5 € / hour
You will be responsible for the management of the company's operations and will be responsible for the management of the company's operations and the management of the company's operations. You will be in direct contact with customers who expect quality service.
Our services :
Room service
Bar service
Kitchen clerk
Multi-skilled (catering) crew member
Cash management

Events & Customer Relations

≈ 16 € / hour
Event management concerns all services related to the organization of events for professionals. The services are quite varied: coordination, hostessing, street marketing.
Our services :
Event coordination
Commercial animation
Street Marketing
Field survey


≈ 15,5 € / hour
Sales services include all services where there is an interaction with a potential customer. The services can be very varied and in various settings, whether in offices, in stores, on the street...
The aim is to convince and satisfy the customer.
Our services :
Sales consultant
Multi-skilled sales team member
Street vending
Street Marketing
Commercial Animation
Commercial prospecting
Cash management
Shelving / Merchandising

Logistics and Manual Services

≈ 14,5 € / hour
This category mainly includes "field" services, such as shelving, inventory, order preparation, handling, etc., which requires good physical condition.
Our services :
Order picking / Packaging
Shelving / Merchandising
Maintenance and Cleaning
Farm aid
Valet parking
All over France

Wherever you are, find jobs near you

70% of the jobs offered to Staffers are located less than 10km from their home.
StaffMe is with you

StaffMe stands by you from start to finish

A team that responds to your requests within hours

Insurance that gives you peace of mind

A complete FAQ to answer all your questions

All your services are provided by
Staffers testify

450,000 Staffers already satisfied

Read testimonials from Staffers who are already using the StaffMe solution!
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Any questions?

Claire and her team
answer all your questions below

What are the requirements to be a staffer?

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Aiming to help young people's employability, StaffMe is only for people between 18 and 30 years old: students, employees, self-employed or young people looking for work.

Registering on StaffMe is completely free and only takes a few clicks! 🚀

On your profile, you will have to fill in your current studies or the diploma(s) you have obtained if you are no longer a student.

You will also have to add:

- a professional profile picture
- your personal information (name, first name, phone...)
- your complete postal address
- your studies
- the languages and software you master
- your rib and your identity card
- your SIRET number allowing you to work
If you have any problems with your registration, please read our article on this subject here.

Why the auto-entrepreneur status? What does it change?

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All staffers are auto-entrepreneurs, and proud to be! Why?

The auto-entrepreneur status allows these young people:

- to be better paid: 1€ minimum via StaffMe! 💵
- to work when they want, according to their schedule 📅
- to work at the same time as other contracts (internship, work-study, fixed-term contract...) ️✌️
- to keep their subsidies (scholarships, APL...) ✅

And concretely?

- it's free and, if you don't already have it, it's very easy to become one: it only takes 15 minutes ⏱ to create on the internet: just follow THE GUIDE!
- it's easy to manage: only one connection per quarter on the internet to declare your income 😎
For more information on the status of auto-entrepreneur, do not hesitate to consult our articles on this subject here.

Do I need special skills or experience to receive offers of services?

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Most of the services offered by the companies on the platform do not require specific professional skills or experience, but rather require specific soft skills: punctuality, commitment, respect, honesty and motivation ✅

Indeed, StaffMe's vocation is to improve the employability of all young people by giving them the chance to accumulate varied experiences through our solution. 🚀

On the other hand, some specific services (programming, graphic design, photo/video, accounting, kitchen clerk...) may require specific certifications, diplomas or experience.

In this case, these types of services are aimed at staffers following studies and/or having had one or more experiences in these fields.

What is the duration of the services offered by StaffMe?

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The services offered by the companies are varied and therefore adapt to all schedules. On the app, you can define your availability. 📅

The duration of the services varies from a few hours to a few weeks and the schedules can be flexible depending on the services. ⏱

You can therefore perfectly combine your studies or a salaried activity with StaffMe benefits. ️✌️

Finally, you are free to accept or not the services offered to you, without being penalized!

I am a foreigner, can I work through StaffMe?

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Yes, for this you must be able to work as an auto-entrepreneur on French territory. This is the case in these two situations:

A) You have a passport or an identity card from one of these 32 countries.
Are you an Algerian national? You can also become an auto-entrepreneur freely.

B) You are a citizen of a country outside the European Union and outside the partnership and you have a residence permit with the mention "Authorized to practice a liberal profession".
You can find more information on this topic here.

I have more questions, where can I find the information I need?

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You can find all the information about StaffMe in our FAQ, which you can access here.

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